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Mojo P

Mojo P Joined: December 6, 2010 Posts: 0 Posted On: December 6, 2010

It's over in Dover and Dover...
SO THEY SAY!!!!!! Awesome!!! RAY"S MOUNTAIN TOP, NEVER STOOOOOP RAYYYY'S.... There's gonna be a better Day.

Mowgli Joined: January 10, 2011 Posts: 0 Posted On: January 10, 2011

my friend sings with the band
this, i believe was one of the last hookahvilles i've been too. i recall getting to meet merl and talk to him for a couple minutes. one of my best friends in the world got to sing with the band on so they say. she would later have the opportunity to sing with them on a regular basis and join dave in his solo band. what a fun night!

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