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January 29, 1993 Kilgore's - Cincinnati, OH
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across the street
i always loved shows at kilgore's when i lived on daniels, because the show was across the street, about a block away. if i remember correctly, this was when i first heard the news that steve frye was leaving the band. a friend of my roommate brought his equiptment and got a patch into the board, which i still have my maxells of this show around here somewhere. a friend converted them onto disc a few years ago. this is a very solid show all round. johns cover of city of new orleans is nicely done, followed by a nice, bouncy backwoods. and then my personal favorite version of walk real slow.....slow! the first set closes out with a climatic arctic song. a few of us went back to my house to enjoy a smoke, and returned for the second set. dave got things going with loner, followed by my all time favorite....chicago! steve frye gave a very nice version of the bluesy old john henry, followed by a beautiful mississppi steamboat with daves nice work on the black and whites. the set closed out with an upbeat carousel. the encore got the drunken crowd involved with somewhere down the line.....very good show! nice to see the guys again and hang out with them for a bit. funny thing about this show was the girl that kept bugging dave to braid his hair.....while he was playing!!! the way the stage set up was there, his back was right next to the crowd. you can even hear it on the tapes! truely a funny moment!

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