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Ekoostikush Joined: September 7, 2009
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Posts: 0 Posted On: January 8, 2012

December 31, 2011 Set 1: Hot desert sun Serpentine  Restless mind Faces in the crowd  Anne Marie>  It's too late Cassie o pei Me John Mullins Memphis in the meantime Stuck in the snow  Sweet my lady Mississippi steamboat Big ol freight train> She wants you back again? All that's left of me  Reciprocity Set 2 Xtc> Chicago*>  Loopers din*> Life is good*> Ballad of Sam mcully*> El bandito> unfinished Backseat> Helplessly hoping**> John and Dave Farewell from futures past*> Abdega gaga> Timber> I want you> Chicago> Xtc  E: Cumberland blues The whole show was unreal.. They did not stop second set until the encore. I would have cried if I missed this one:)

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