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June 17, 2011 The Crooked I - Erie, PA
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Intimate Show...
I had to write a brief review ... Them boys were on fire this night ~ the crowd was fairly small and no audio tapers. But that did not stop E.H. from shredding it HARD !! At one point betweens songs, I looked up at Dave and said "Wow , what an intimate set ... its a shame noone is taping it!!". He looked down at me & said " thats why we are doing it !" and went right into Anthony's Song followed by sheepdog !!! 1st time i heard "i been down that road" since Muffins left (always been one of my fav. songs), chicago was NUTS, & Marry-go-round was also a great jam !!! Id sum it up as CLASSICS NIGHT !! made some new friends at the venue too !! ~ ill make the 3 hour drive to Erie everytime they play! worth every penny and mile ~!!! Thanks guys .... thanks Dubba !! cheers, Bean

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