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Deal_With_It Joined: August 3, 2009
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Posts: 0 Posted On: February 21, 2010

Right back in it!
The guys definitely brought-it the other night with Phil playing his first show. I felt a good 'high energy vibe' from the group and it seems they will keep on rolling along without losing a step. The absence of Cliff will change the dynamic of the group but I do believe change is good. Although, "it may seem strange to rearrange" Phil is talented and "it could be better than it used to be." Definitely was stoked to hear new songs from both Katz and Mullins. Rollercoaster was a seldom heard favorite to get the crowd syked and all around face-shredding by Dr. Sweeney (i.e. Thumper, Grass, Chicago etc.)was well received. Always a class act, Dealio

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