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sweneykatz765 Joined: July 22, 2009 Posts: 0 Posted On: January 1, 2010

NYE 2009
cliff's "last" show with the band was, as expected, one to remember. for some of us! haha..some meories include solo's and duo's and banjo's. SFS played some sick-nasty acoustic Monnett. was nice to hear everyone do their own thing. there was cliff's funny hats and his funky boogie break down dancing :) was a rare blue moon and the theme was put to use with "circle of the moon", "hide behind the moon", and "blue moon of kentucky." there were dueling double bass features and the sickest "sister sugar" of the decade took place. of course there was some harmonica in there. other song highlights, for me, include "thumper" and "green." it was nice to have the added elements..especially the sax. but i am biased on that one. love me some horn action!! overall, was most definetely the way bring in 2010. thanks boys!

sweneykatz765 Joined: July 23, 2009 Posts: 0 Posted On: January 10, 2010

What a great show! A little bittersweet but a good show! The energy never stopped!

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