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September 14, 1997 Hempfest - Coolsville, OH
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WOW, Remember this one too. Got there on sunday with my folks from OU. Only about 80 cars still there.?. Someone told me that they had arested about 35 people for breathing to heavy at a festival. I guess the law was tryin to make a point. I was happy when they played 35 it was fitting. There was hardly and rec. drugs, good thing we were coming from Athens County. I end up giving a couple groups of kids my stash i had just re-uped. It felt good to get these people in the right mood for a show since they came from so far away. Penn. and W.V. Well anyway set up my friend gear he was so kind to let me use. The Valley was just a bunch of fog. you couldnt see more than 20 feet in front of you. Dave was getting zapped from his piano, so they covered it up after only a couple of songs. But the highlight of that night was the sister Sugar that had to have been 20min. the vocal breakdown in that song was so spooky that a one point all you could here was Hissing and screeming and creepy ass noises. The kid in front of me began to wig out (HARD) he finaly took off running away from the area we were standing. And i mean standing no dancing just people looking at each other confused and scared. The friends I brought had gone to a few Hookahville's but were not ready for this. They told me later they just wanted to get away from the noise. I made it so much crazier because you couldn't even see the stage. This was a show to remember. Thanks Boys for the chills. TSSSS TTSSSSSS TTTSSSS

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