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Source: Neumann skm184 > Busman T-Mod Marrantz PMD 660 Via (Download | Stream)
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superhealz Joined: October 18, 2009
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Posts: 0 Posted On: October 18, 2009

Drunk as all hell
I was at this great venue for two days and loved every min. of the show. I knew I had seen someone tape this but I had thought it was not going to ever show up. Everyone knew that John was drunk as a skunk and listening to the Devil and me is an example. I didn't hear much missing in his playing until the end. I had though the missing on the lyrics was mic problems. Unfortunately this is not the case. This was real short set for hookah standards. The devil=jagerbombs on this one. The show from the next night is a better improvement. When the background vox come in you cannot even hear john. I am not disrespecting john as he is my favorite member of the band. Everyone was real upset when they finished after such a short set. John made it up the next night with a wonder set. Thanks for posting this and now I can listen to both shows back to back and remember the great time I had at Hog Hill. Met some great people. I was hot as hell was the only real complaint. This set was too short by time we got done eating the BBq they were stuck in the snow or the jager. Still love you John and you did good the next night.

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