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Hookahfiend Joined: July 22, 2009
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Posts: 0 Posted On: July 24, 2009

Blossom Sat!
Saturday started off turbulent mainly because the wind felt as if it was going to lift us up in our tents like when Dorothy was on her way to oz. With the wind aside the day was absolutely amazing the sun was high and warm, the quarry was soft and chill and the polar bears were out in full force. Polar bears? Yes a group of fire blooded individuals actually jumped the cliff of the ledges into the ice cold water below. The day consisted of dancing and swaying to the assortment of bands, frolicking on the beach, hooping around, or just relaxing baking in the sun. When the sun started setting I saw the beach was abuzz with things going on. Being a veteran of Blossom I knew what was coming soon: the skydivers. Every year they have a couple sky divers fly or I guess fall down from an air plane right onto the beach. Itís a phenomenal site to see the precision that these guys possess in order to get on the right timing and direction to land right on the beach. As soon as they landed and all that mayhem ended hookah took stage and we were all ready to start again for another night. Mullins started our feet out stomping the ground with Washboard Annie then took us into a great version of Thumper. Next they took us on a journey down the Raging River and the guys were on point. Steveís solo was amazing as always and they really seem to be enjoying this old/new song. After that we heard an actual new song with the new Mullins tune All fall in dreams. Dave came on after to lets us know not to let it get us down because there will always be a Brighter Day. After I felt almost all bounced out Mullins brought they level down a bit with Bluebird which is becoming one of my all time favorite Mullins songs. Mexican opera is always a treat and Three way street kept the tone on a very chill level. Sun goes down was a great way to end the second set off with a bang, jump, knee slap, and bounce. After a short break they started us off again with Ballad of Sam McCully that got us really moving and going. Backwoods rose kept us bouncing off the walls and boogieing. Next was the first Red Newt of 09í and it Cliff sounded great vocally and on the harmonica. Cripple creek ferry slowed everything down again to a calm trickle like a nice slow float. They brought us back up again to end it with a great mix of Waterbear and Black Mamba that lasted a good thirty minutes of face melting jam. The mix of Dave, John, and Cliff on Waterbear honestly to me sounded a bit off but the harmonies of Black Mamba made up for it. They finished on stage and left to many yells and screams of hookah! They came back on to attempt the Simon and Garfunkel classic Scarborough Fair which to me fell a bit flat but I heard that technical difficulties made it that way and next time it will be on point. I applauded the guys for their attempt on an extremely vocally difficult song. Might I add please donít play it as an encore, itís a great song but an encore song it isnít! Party girl always brings the tempo up on a raunchier note and Keepiní time ended the weekend on a foot stompin, knee slappin, toe taping, and downright raging fun! It was a great weekend full of friends, family, sun, wind, love peace and happiness. The whole cop situation only dampened the situation slightly but it was not enough to keep us hookahheads down. The weekend in total was a great way to start out a wonderful summer full of music, camping and fun and I personally canít wait! Let it all begin!

Jamz Joined: July 28, 2009
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Posts: 0 Posted On: July 28, 2009

Blossom was a Blast!
Day 2 of blossom fun! Waterbear and black mamba was awesome, the whole show was amazing. This was my first time at the ledges, and what a better way to do it than with the Schwa boys! A weekend of endless fun will not soon be forgotten.

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