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My after birthday show
Yesterday was my birthday and I had such an awesome time with my family and friends. My mom brought me some cutie clothes and got a cake, my coworker got me a few awesome things, and my boyfriend took me out to see a movie all in all is was a pretty awesome day. But today has nothing to do with my birthday it has to do with Ekoostik! For all those that don't know Ekoostik is one of my top three favorite bands ever in my life that I've seen over a hundred times and travelled near and far for. They are a really awesome Ohio grown band that has a freaky unique style of music that consists of rock, jam, bluegrass, and you know it just is what it is: Ekoostik style. Ekoostik style is the rough yet harmonious vocals of John Mullins and him sometimes forgetting his lyrics, the always mind melting soulful twangs of Steve Sweney's guitar the sound as if the guitars a vocalist in itself, the always funky bass jam of Cliff Starbuck or the way he plays the harmonica like it's a body function and him sometimes forgetting his lyrics, Eric Lanese's boom in your chest beat of the drum but ever melodious thunder in his voice and yet again hard rock Harley driving side, and Dave Katz intoxicating voice and the way he plays his piano like making love to a sexy lady sometimes soft and slow, and sometimes rough and dirty. We have gone through many trials and tribulations with our fellows, good times and great times. I've been traveling to see Ekoostik for the past 7-8 years and that's not even a lot compared some people. We are a tight knit group of people. I've made many long lasting friends that I consider my family. Traveling around with Kellyjo and brookie, attempting cheerleading costumes with Allie, going to ville after ville festival after festival, listening to the ever wise words of Nem, getting bear hugs from BrotherMike, always looking up to Liz and Corrine, being jealous of the photos that Chris takes, riding a bus to Georgia with all the crazies there are too many too even mention. Over the years I've gotten to know the members of the band and their families as well and consider them my family. Anyway what was I talking about again, oh yeah the hookah concert. So I woke up today alone since Joel had to work early and I'm giddy but there's no one here to share. As soon as I heard his key in the door I jumped for joy and skipped down the stairs. I was going to ask him if he remembered what today was but I hadn't let him forget for the past few weeks so I settled with a kiss. I cashed my check, paid some bills, watched Joel play Mario tennis while I put on makeup and doused myself with black glitter then we were on our way. Being a hookahhead through and through I knew that the show was at headliners instead of the before planned Civic Theater. I wanted to be there at 9:00 but we didn't end up getting there till 9:30. Of course we made the usual bet of when hookah was going to go on, I always think it's going to be earlier and Joel always knows it isn't. He said he knew that they weren't going to be on when we got there and he was so positive he took the long way to prove it too me. The whole way I kept asking "are you lost, are you lost". We finally did arrive and so did hookah and it was lights camera action time. How else can I describe Ekoostik except to say fun was defiantly had by all! The first set finally let me release that bouncing energy that I had built up over the past weeks but it had enough slow moments to not let me burn completely out. Tumblin defiantly is always a great way to start the show. I once again floated my way to my front designated spot, if you don't know its Katz side for me. I was always bouncing even in while unhealthily smoking "What, u guys don't know how to slither like a Serpentine?" I was singing and dancing while smoking, waiting in line for my beer, and even in the bathroom. The guys appeared to be really enjoying themselves and that always makes the shows so much better. They really seemed to be in sync with each other. As soon as I got up front, saw Dave and he wished me Happy Birthday before going into the next song I knew this was going to be a fun one. Deep River blues was a great added feature because I always love hearing Eric sing, his voice was smooth like butter. In the clouds sent my head floating up to the risers. The soul in Dave's voice like put me in a trance that felt like a dream. Then John took it into stuck in the snow and I felt like a zombie but instead of brains I feed on intense lyrical content and deep meaning. Too much metaphor, I'll try my best to stop but it's so hard. Sheepdog was like icing on my birthday cake. It seemed like you could hear more feet stomping then Eric's drumming. I always feel like I'm at some crazy psycadelic hoedown where all the people are cover in tie-dye and patchwork yet still slapping their knees and doe see doeing. At one point I literally had to stop to breathe, damn cigarettes. I used the little I had left to boogie to shadane then got relieved when john said they were taking a break. I needed to sit for a minute, hey what can I say, I just turned 25 the day before I'm old. Joel jokingly said "I got my Sheepdog, I'm ready to go." I just laughed, he knew there was no way he was dragging me out till the fat lady sings or at least till the encore. Black Mamba started off the next set of what I thought was just pure magic. Before the show Joel and I made a bet on a game of Mario Tennis, If he won he would have full control of the show. I mean full control like where to stand, when to go up front, and gasp how much beer I could drink and the bet was vice versa. Can you tell who won? I used the bet to my advantage so by long way home I was up front center Dave side, the best side. Take that! Just kidding. Anyway carry on, Isis set us raging. Cliff was on point and at one point he used his head bandana to channel Jimi and took his bass all the way to the ground and brought it back up. He plucked his bass with fury and spit the harmonica with so much intensity. I was up front with a girl that made me giggle. She had a teeny tiny loner sign and she was trying to show Dave. Being the queen of the signs, I told her she needed it to be a bit bigger if she wanted to get his attention, then we jumped up and got his attention. The crowd was going crazy bananas by the time that here today started we all were on a definite cloud nine. The guys must have thought that all the bouncing built up an appetite because before we got to gone tomorrow we had a scrumptious bit of loner in there. Yummy! Many of you know me well and you know I don't like to be touched, stranger wise, and I stand my ground and I'm stubborn! So needless to say when a super drunk old bald guy came up and wacked me right in the head to get to Dave it was more than I could handle. I'm a Katz side girl but I'll hold my ground like those crazy Sweney siders. So as he was winding up for air POW number two, I grabbed him by the arms and said "If you touch me again ill punch you in the face." Joel was right behind me and seemed a bit nervous that he was going to have to defend me in a fight, but without blinking an eye I started dancing it up again like nothing ever happened. By the end of loner I turned and that guy was completely gone, score one for me. After loner we were expecting a slow again but that didn't happen when they added the cheese to our sandwich by playing grass. Grass made us fly high and finishing loner then gone tomorrow, the here today was earlier, we were all stuffed to the brim. Of course during reciprocity Joel wanted to smoke but he doesn't understand the meaning it has for me. My first Ekoostik album ever was dubbabuddah; I listened to that CD for literally a year straight before I got another one. That CD was dust when I was through with it so he definitely didn't get cigarette time. By the time reciprocity was over he was fiending for a cigarette and they had said goodnight but in hookah tradition we knew the encore was coming soon. After a couple minutes of "Hoooooooooooooooooookah" Steve came back out and with the first minute of playing I knew what was coming. And when I die isnt one of the songs I requested but that's ok because it is one of my top five. After finishing my exercising for the night I blew Dave air kisses and we went on our way, what can I say I was exhausted! All in all hookah was on point, the crowd was full of devoted fans and my hookah belly was full, defiantly satisfying!

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