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April 12, 2008 Annie's - Cincinnati, OH
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my girlfriends first ekoostik hookah show! i've been seeing them for 17-18 years and this is her first :p my best friends in the whole world opened up for them....deepwater junction. they had done so many, many times in the past(with yours truly sitting in on keys once at bogarts!) this was a very solid show! great set list for my taste. the under full sail opener is huge! the san griol is beautiful. seagull=>sheepdog was outstanding! followed by one world, love this song and dave and john doing shadane and then a rockin' hush to close the set. dave started things off nicely with way of the world with a great reciprocity after. sam mccully and ol montana back to back and party girl to close! revival brought me back to the early days....nice closer!

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