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Hookahfiend Joined: July 22, 2009
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Posts: 0 Posted On: July 27, 2009

Dont judge a book by its cover, we had a freakin BLAST this sat at Chaffee Gathering...Joel just likes to replace names with Butthole for some silly reason. So it finally came, sat, It was like any normal feaste sat: Joel and i got off work we packed, told my mom to eat my dust lol, and we were out of there.I had a set of ???'s for Joel to answer, just things about him that i felt like i didnt know, and so we answered those the whole way and just took that time to get to know each other even more. It was fantastic. We drove a long way, 3hrs, till we finally reached PA Once we hit PA it was just a short 10 min drive till you hit the camp area. It literally was like someones back yard and I loved every minute of it. I really enjoy the smaller venue...more family oriented. We parked and immediatly Commensed to Boozin As we went to search for KellyJoe we passed a really sticky and loud vw bus that someone was working on. Joel hysterically said Id love to sleep next to that lol, I go stop being mean what if that was us, He goes it would be funny if it was Kelly. As we got closer we noticed OMG it was Kell. As we walk up laughin hysterically, i gave the already having a wayyyyyy toooo good of time a Kelly a giant hug. She showed us around her booth and her vw.... ...and she finally introduced us to the incredibly nice and wonderful BrotherMike, If you really wan to find someone that is truely awesome person thoughout: Look for Brother mike After much chatting we were getting parched and i wanted to take some more shots before i lost the beautiful light. Def feeling good at this point lol So handsome:o) He gave me a Hitler Mustache LoLoLoLoL Tons more pics in my pic section under ~Chaffee Gathering~ Hookah was a blast what can i say, They blew our minds like always. We got to chat up with Eric and Dave. Eric complimented me on my eyebrows lol needless to say i was flattered lol. We chatted with Dave about the baby and Cassie.It was def a blast. Omg so much fun, see you all next weeknd:o)

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