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Hookahfiend Joined: July 22, 2009
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Posts: 0 Posted On: July 27, 2009

So after a crazy night...we got up to babies wanting to go to the park, after they got home from church of course. Kell and i reluctantly got up and took em to the park across the street. After a few aspirin, and a bit of time at the park Kell and i were ready to go. The drive to Niles was pretty much like goin to nlqp so it was a really easy drive. Since i drank last night i let Joel be the drunk one this time. Kell was nice enough to let him help her with the beer she got and give us $20 for the ride home *thanks so much and i stil owe ya* What can i say about Hookah...Heres what i wrote off of Hookahheads: It def was a great show...nice intimate crowd of hookahheads, Place packed with great ribs though...many dif selections. It was like a mini carnaval they had rides and games, food and beer, and Hookah. If ya missed it ya missed a good one. You could literally feel the energy emanating from the guys to the crowd and back to the guys. Cliff was on point and had a smile on the entire show...everytime i looked at him it made me giggle cause he had such a bigass grin. John sounded good...Ive never been a huge fan of Johns voice that much, but this show he sounded great! Steve, well what can we say, he was Steve.........Freakin amazing!!! And Eric sang Deep River and it was electric, and he hilarously changed some of the lyrics at the it to something like: I licked her feet i licked her toes, from the Ribs at Fatty Joes. Thats prolly wayyyyyy off but it was great, I love hearin him sing he has a great voice. What can i say about Dave....I was front row center right by him and he was having fun......bounicin his foot to every song and sounding amazing, his voice was on point. I feel like him and john have been working hardcore on their melodies cause their harmony together was fantastic. I wanna hear black water, whoever taped it, cause during the singalong part i swear to you that i was the loudest. Everytime i stopped, to ya know breath and stuff, it was so much quieter...I think it was between me and kell for the loudest to sum it all up: Great sat, great sun!!!Great weekend!!!!!!!!! Lets do it again Kell

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