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Hookahfiend Joined: July 22, 2009
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Posts: 0 Posted On: July 27, 2009

The girls 1st hookah!
This weekend was spectaculer, sat night I got to take my mom, nieces and nephew, to the Hookah terrace show. Kelly jo and brooke came along as well so we had a huge group. The babies loved it! Some nice person gave each a glow stick and they ran around with all the other kids chasing theri glowsticks....oh and Hookah was playin in the background but it was all background noise to them. I had a blast. I got to carry my signs and shake my tail...and i mean literall tail, I was wearin a tail: Which by the way are for sale if anyone wants one please msg me:o) My sign said "Hookahheads KNOW how to shake their tails" Dave kept lookin and laughing. When they played Party Girl i had to run back and get Kelly, my other sign and their special surprise....a handmade schwa thong *courtasy of Penni Patches and it was never worn!!!* My other sign said "Party Girls wear schwa undies" and during party girl I threw em....the first attempt made it about to the front of the crowd, so i ran closer to grab them and threw em again. Cliff almost caught them on his bass but didnt lol....It was def a great time! Kelly, joel and I stayed up till 4am drinking and talking. Yeah that def resulted in a horrible sun morning hangover. Kelll and brook stayed over at my house sat night and sun omg it gets even better.......

firefly Joined: March 4, 2011
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Posts: 0 Posted On: September 22, 2012

This Show
This was an awesome show... I still remember it because of the schwa panties. My daughter Brooke was there but in a bad mood considering she had gotten bit by my brothers dog earlier that day and was there with stiches in her face.... poor girl. We threw the Schwa panties to Cliff because he was the first to read the sign and laugh, it was by no means about throwing them to a single guy, which some people got mad at me about saying we shouldn't have trown to Cliff cuz he had a girlfriend. Whatever. These pantys stick out in my mind because John brought them back at the Newport later that year during Party Girl.... He said "hey Party Girl, I think you left these, at Centennial, they are schwa panties" Best moment ever and was captered on the DVD they made at the Newport that night... But back to Centennial, Nem was there too, and I taught Joel how to tie a hoop on top of a car when we left. Great times... and love you Steph.

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