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Hookahfiend Joined: July 22, 2009
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Fun in slantville
Don't ask, don't tell…: o) Friday started out so slow. Work was really bringing me down. Even though I really don't do anything at work, I still felt utterly exhausted. I had to be there at 6:30 am which really sucks when you know you have a four hour drive to look forward to. Finally when my day was done I bid everyone farewell and rushed back home to finish packing. Joel an I set the tent up earlier yesterday so really the only thing we had to do was get our clothes and blankets packed up and hit the road. But of course Joel was a little lagged from not getting much sleep the night before. He insisted we stay home and take and hour nap. All I could do was look at him and laugh, ummm yeah that's not happening. I told him that I would drive and he could sleep, he was hesitant, just wanted that few extra minutes but he eventually rose and helped me pack. Once we double checked to make sure we had everything: Cell phone: check Money: check Camera: check I.D: Check Tent and Clothes: Check Blankets and pillow: Check Joel: Check Markers and Construction paper (For signs of course, they are essential): boooooo, Joel said No…the stinker Once I checked and double checked to make sure I had everything, ya see Joel didn't bring much so everything he needed was in his pockets, and we were off. There was a bit of traffic on the highway, as if everyone else knew that it was going to be a great weekend too and they wanted to get to their paradise before anyone else. As I sat in the drivers seat, munching a bag of funions, Joel ever so slowly……..drifted into…………sleep. Only to grab my leg and jerk back awake and say I'm up I'm up. All I could do was laugh and tell him to put a pillow over his head. He finally fell asleep again as I sat bouncing in my seat singing to myself and flipping the radio stations, not satisfied with one channel for the mere fact of what I knew was coming in store for us tonight. Joel slept for about an hour before he arose a cranky mess. He proceeded to flip my radio station from a song that I liked and was singing too and tell me how bad my driving was. All I could do was laugh; I'm used to his crankiness by now so I foreshadowed it. We took a stretch at the rest stop and proceeded, minus a cranky Joel who was now becoming increasingly exited. Since it was a merry hippy holiday Joel pull out his refreshments and started to light one, when seemingly out of nowhere the fuzz are directly behind us. Of course sketchy Joel is telling me slow down your going to get me pinched. I'm a good driver so I just kept with the speed limit and thought nothing of it. What seemed like forever really was only like five minutes when the cop finally pulled around us. Joel just laughed and I continued to tell him about my sparkling clean driving record and how he had nothing to fear. No more than three minutes later a nice ass car like a convertable or something literally flew by me goin 100mph, where was the cop then huh? Oh well, even that couldnt dilute my excitement. By this time I was gettin antsy and we were getting close to Pa, so somehow I cowersed Joel into taking the wheel for the rest of the way. We followed the mapquest directions to a T. Note: If you ever are goin to Mr smalls or the Pittsburgh Pa area, it is best to find a hotel in advance before you get there. Id also like to Note: that we did not!!! Once we hit Pa the air turned weird, I say this because and I quote "I am an Ohio country girl through and through." The, well lets call it landscaping, was definatly very interesting. Many of the bulidings were delopidated, falling down, already fell down, or on a slant or a hill. Slanty shanty town is what we nicknamed it lol. Everything seemed to be on a shift as though the town had gone through a earthquake and they all just decided to leave it that way. Dont get me wrong, Ive never meet any of the people that live in this town and my hometown is no New York city either. When we finally got to the "town" area we couldnt figure the roads out. It must be our simple Ohio brains but normally stop signs help to show people where they need to stop and when someone is goin to stop for you. We ended up on the tinnnney street that was Full of buildings. ALl shapes, sizes, and slants. I thought that for real mapquest had like a brain fart and got us totally lost. Just then I looked up at this really pretty church, with a really odd sign out front. It was like a bulletin board, I was expecting it to say "repent for your sins", or "god is my homeboy"...but low and behold it said Ekoostik Hookah. It was the Mr Smalls venue, I asked Joel if this was for real? There was no parking lot, where would stage be? and I cant drink alcohol in a place of worship, do they want us all to go to hell LoL. I was confused He said it must be the place and I was relieved at least we knew where it ok we found the venue, now what? We didnt want to drive all the way to NLQP after the show at like 1 in the morning so we decided we better find a hotel...Please please please read the NOTE above again!!! So we started to trek to find a hotel, after twenty minutes of driving around in what seemed to be a ceasepool of buildings so close that a mouse couldnt even fit through cracks between them...I finally hit my boiling point. There were no hotels in site, no way was I goin to go into the city and pay 200 smackers for a mere couple hours of sleeping it off. I called a friend that lives in butler for advice. She gave us directions to the econolodge, and after thirty more minutes and six phone calls later we FINALLY found it. Thanks LaCrisha. The econolodge was lets say, not horrible. It was under construction and covered in dust. The carpets in the hallways reminded me a episode out of csi, like they didnt wash the blood stains out of the carpet they just left them. Oh quite it, ur scaring me lol. We reached our room and by this time Joel and I both were a bit cranky from being lost in a city we didnt know...and woohoo two beds lol j/k. Being "home" gave us a chance to freshen up a bit. We turned to the t.v on and were happy to find that it changed from an array of colors form being bright green to purple but it was still better than nothing. Lucky for us my friend, LaCrisha, lived like 10 miles away and she knows the roads and said she would drive and even pick us up at the hotel. Shes a saint. We got ready to go and waited for LaCrisha. After a few she made it in and we were off to mr smalls. Unfortunalty I just got my new camera and I wasent 100 percent comfertable taking it to the venue so I have no concert pics... Once we paid and walked it, I was directly smacked right in the face with sweney and his blaring guitar. With this venue you walk right into the stage pretty much, but you know us were lushes so we headed back to the bar. Ir was way in the back, as they ordered I boogied to Right back out in the streets. The place was pretty packed, I guess for as big the place was. I couldnt see cause we were way in the back int he bar area and we couldnt take out drinks past a certain point...I mean there was like a guard there making sure! Sheepdog made me stomp my feet and do the chicken wing, by the that is a dance copywritten by me and no one can steal it...NO ONE lol! I was suppose to meet Dave when we got there but we ended up getting later than we expected so we didnt get to meet up. By the time they played goodtime, voodoo stew and deep river blues most of us were flying high. By the begining of the second set we were def front row center on Daves side. When he saw me he gave me a wave and I recipricated with a girly wave. Sun goes down I definatly was acting a fool, and when Cliff messed up his lyrics *D'oh* I pointed it out....loudly. Oh well, we all got to be the ass sometime right? My friend LaCrishas was having a great time, even though she procalimed that all the old guys would hit on her and it def came true. I saw at least three, shes like a magnet. I met some fellow hookahheads by the bathroom that were heading to washington Dc, OMG i cant remeber names...I feel horrible, I remeber Chris but the ladies names totally flew out my head. Indica-bottle of wine made me think of us wino girls talkin about drinkin. I wanted to txt Kelly but my phone was being a butthole and wasent working. By and when I die my ears were ringin horribley and because I had been up since 6 am that morning I was definatly done in. I got the last little bit of boogie out of my pants and followed LaChrisha out. She was our ride and we didnt want to be stranded. I really wanted to get something to eat but the only place that was open was "Sheets", we got our hamburgers and headed "home". Hugs and airkisses to LaChrisha and we were off to bed. Joel ended up passing out with his eyes open, i thought he was dead. He kept telling me to eat my hamburger and so I did, then he woke and yelled at me cause he wanted to eat with me...Im confused lol. He apologized and said he was drunk and tired and we headed off to bed. ...sleepy time, next stop NLQP....and bathroom to get rid of that horrible burger

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