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Mojo P

Mojo P Joined: December 6, 2010
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Bye John:(
This was the last time i saw John sing and it was not the best night night for him. I remember he staggard on to the stage. The second song was his to sing and I was just a bunch of mumbling. His rythem was off. He was toasted if you didn't catch that. He tryed to sing the third song and gave up about half way through. I think Katz finished it for him. He left the stage and did not return again. A couple days later i heard he did it again and you know the rest of the story.. I found ot He was out of the band a week or so later. The 6 people i was going to Hookahville with burned there tickets that night at party and refused to go to the show with out John playing. Obviosly they were not the only ones to do so cause attendance went from 1600 or so the previous Hookahville to only 800. I was only fifteen and was just happy to run away from home for a week so I went to that Hookahville. It was still fun, JB on purcusion was a treat. But it was still missing a big part of the show with out John. It wasn't till i meet Ed that I realized I LOVE JOHN. But Mullins Band shows were the best. His Early band was insane. Carlos on bass, Keener on electric fiddle, ? on Sax, Mark Harmon on keys, STEVE FRY BABY! and of course J O H N! Good time EH then MB EH then MB every week alternating weekends. WOOO HOOOO!

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