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Newport Music Hall
What a tripped out night here in Cowtown. wW had everyone from the devil to popes and nuns, from the Wizard of Oz club to Dave Katz impersonators. it was a night beyond description, especially with Elvis in the house. The energy was off of this planet, as the band tuned up. The opening act cancelled and the boys took the stage about quarter after ten or so. Oh yeah, the costumes. Ed dressed up as an ear of corn, with yellow balloons on the top half and green spandex looking things about midway down. Sweney decked himself this year, more than any other I can remember. he rocked the boat Viking style, while cliff looked like someone straight out of jolly Ol' London. More specifically, Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Dave took on the role of a pirate, and a fancy one at that. From the percussion section, Eric dressed up as Champagne, the Rasta singer lady that opened in Jamaica. Too funny. The Johnny P dressed as a female nun. what a hoot. when they open up with Alexander, you know it's gonna be a barn burner. From there, Elvis (aka Irv) even approved of one of the finer walk real fasts. We all know about that yellow sign that says slippery when wet, as I been down that road was followed by a Tree House that was worthy of making my way to the front row. Dave then got on his drum and he, Eric and Johnny P. kicked it for a while until the wind gave way and they unleashed a rippin' backwoods rose. Dave Weissman took the boys up on their offer to play with them if he'd dress up as the Simpson's millhouse. He was a fine one at that, picking up that Les Paul and making it sing sweetly to the tune of Blow'em Away. The set closed with another annual rendition of monster mash, sung by the Bocephus looking soundman himself, Ol' Bill. this time with words in hand. To top off the set, he drug out a huge bin of mashed, whipped potatoes and a dustpan and just started whipping them into the crowd. crazy stuff, I tell you. the set was over 1 1/2 hours, and the set break was only a quick 15 minutes or so before the most haunting, tripped out version of Spiders unfolded. Cliff then spouted out the bluegrass style rendition of John Henry, only to be followed up by an awesome Octofrye. Red Light Boogie followed, with an extensive Streetbeater to tie things together nicely before playing a new cover tune, Clap For the Wolfman. and how could a Halloween be complete without hearing the masquerade kick into a serious rhythm jam which entailed cliff and Dave dueling off with swords before the wrapped it up and brought it back into a close knitted Chicago. Dave then picked up the acoustic and a few bottles of the spray string stuff, as he and Ed went off attempting to spray into the crowd. From there they brought back the bluegrass theme with Silver Train, a tune that I think makes everyone get up and dance. ed spouted back with bone to close an awesome set. the boys came out and encored with an energetic ecstasy that led into an unbelievable not fade away, complete with cliff and ed jumping from the drum riser, all in all, wouldn't miss it for the world. They seem tighter and happier than ever, and more people dressed up than not. Well, even with the time change I'm a little exhausted so I must sign off for now. Can't believe I actually got a review done too. hope all is well in hookahland. Take care.

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