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February 14, 1998 The Odeon - Cleveland, OH
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Mojo P

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Wow, one of the night I accualy still remember. Took off from the T-town AKA the Glass Apple late as fuck. didn't get down there till the second set. I'm sure a few of you have this problem as well.? Anyway, First song of the second set was that killer Werewolves with Vern. I new from there on out it was gonna b a special night. Beautiful playing though the set until Vipers Drag and that was the highlight for me. I remember laughing uncontrolably when Katz sang "Roll your cock a piece of cotton candy. First time i ever heard that one. Then the When I die, this has been a favorite song of mine since my dad gave me my first Blood Sweat and Tears album when i was like 13. I drove 2 1/2 stoned hours to catch an hour and a half of music and it was soooo worth it. SDTL Mojo

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