Schwa Lyrics

Washboard Annie

Lyricist: John Mullins
Vocalist: John Mullins

She got a thimble on her finger
And a polka dotted dress
When you gonna find her
Is anybody's guess

A cowbell and a cymbal
She is smacking with her hand
She plays out in the street
She's a one woman band

Washboard Annie
Jump and shakin' around
Washboard Annie
Feet are stompin' the ground
Washboard Annie
Come on now play us a tune
Washboard Annie
Sunny afternoon

Play out in the street
When you got Chicago blues
There ain't know sense in waiting
Annie knows what to do

People started hoppin
And a clappin' along
Pablo's on the tub bass
Steve bangin' in the drums


Everybody's comin' out to hear her play
Out in the sunshine
You've gotta dance and sing them blues away
Local reaction, boy it's as easy as that
For satisfation just drop that buck down in the hat


When the sun is setting
And the night begins to fall
We're gettin' on back to Annie
Gonna have us a ball
Steve will bring the whiskey
And I can bring the hash
We can go and have our own billion dollar bash


First Played: August 21, 1992 Ruby Tuesdays - Columbus, OH

Last Played: September 4, 2020 In the Clouds - Newark, OH

# Times Played: 305

% Played: 10.87 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 2805

Shows Since Last Played: 105

1st set: 269

2nd set: 35

3nd set: 0

Encore: 1

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