Schwa Lyrics

Real People

Lyricist: Sargent/Donohue
Vocalist: Eric Sargent


Time goes by fast and slow, gusting like the wind
Brings comfort and chaos with a whisper or a spin
Sometimes you stand against it
Sometimes it drinks you in
Especially in matters of the heart


There ain’t no time in all the history of time
Long enough to ever be completely satisfied
With lovin’ all my loved ones
And laughin’ with my friends
My hope is this is only just the start    


So long to all the searchin’ for things I’ll never find
If everything I ever wanted was waiting for me in the morning
I’d say its best to let these changes…..Happen in their time
Kindle all the embers keep the fires burnin’ bright
…Take the twists and turns out on the road to get it right
And simplify…


I learned these lessons doin’ all the things I done
Stranded myself on an island, population one
I saw where I was headed
Not where I’d begun
And goin’ it alone is only gone


Not too long ago I learned it all again
Aided by a loved one and a neighbor and a friend
When you got real people
You would die to see it end
Y’only want to watch it carry on


Wind shakes the leaves and the branches know it
Branches tremble and the limbs get goin’
Limbs shake the whole tree to the roots under the ground
Then pretty soon the whole thing’s in motion
And all that matters is that the wind is blowin’


The places we end up are not where we begin
But you’re never too far from home when you find shelter in
All the real people
And the folks you call your kin
Don’t ever think that you’re the only one


There ain’t enough time left in all remaining time
For me to fully and completely testify
That everything you’ll ever need
Is right before your eyes
And you can be the planets or the sun

First Played: August 31, 2014 Clay's Park - Canal Fulton, OH

Last Played: June 1, 2024 Legend Valley Music Center - Thornville, OH

# Times Played: 99

% Played: 26.05 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 380

Shows Since Last Played: 11

1st set: 64

2nd set: 34

3nd set: 0

Encore: 1

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