Schwa Lyrics

Look Out Below

Lyricist: Eric Sargent/Sean Jenkins/Eric Lanese/Steve Sweney
Vocalist: Eric Sargent
look out below i'm hangin on by a thread
looks like stormy weathers up ahead

but i'll try to push on through
lately seems my world is upside down
every thing's been turned around
and i dont's know what to do

all the things that i'll never find
and all the thoughts that i've left behind
and every place that i've never gone
reachin out to me and that's what keeps me movin on
up all night walkin across the floor
wonder what i'm waitin for
and if i'll ever know

which direction i can move along
the road that i can travel on
that can take me where i need to go													

First Played: September 4, 2010 Legend Valley Music Center - Thornville, OH

Last Played: January 28, 2023 Woodland's Tavern - Columbus, OH

# Times Played: 157

% Played: 26.70 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 588

Shows Since Last Played: 18

1st set: 89

2nd set: 59

3nd set: 0

Encore: 9

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