Schwa Lyrics

Y'Aint Seen Nothin'

Lyricist: Dave Katz
Vocalist: Dave Katz
I got a girl, she's my baby. Some say we make the perfect match.
I love her so.  It may seem crazy.  I know I'm not much of a catch.
You may have seen a bathing beauty.  You might have kissed a southern belle.
But you ain't never had the pleasure of being treated quite this well.

Y'aint seen nothin'. Y'aint seen nothing, 'til ya seen my blue eyed girl.

She got hair just like a mermaid in a cartoon fantasy.
She got hair, she ain't no mermaid, stretch from sea to shinin' sea.
One look from her eyes, deep as the ocean, keeps me doin' all the chores.
In her heart there lies a passion that keeps me comin' back for more.

Every day I count my blessings, like any red blood man would do.
I won't lie, we've had our troubles.  Fought about a thing or two.
But in the end, she's still my baby.  That, she always lets me know.
I won't ever find none better.  That's why I'll never let her go.

First Played: May 23, 2009 Frontier Ranch - Kirkersville, OH

Last Played: November 28, 2020 In the Clouds - Newark, OH

# Times Played: 71

% Played: 11.22 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 633

Shows Since Last Played: 33

1st set: 57

2nd set: 14

3nd set: 0

Encore: 0

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