Schwa Lyrics


Lyricist: Dave Katz
Vocalist: Dave Katz
Sit down here with me, I'll tell you all I know
Of golden mountainsides, and stories Mama told.
You know that life will take you on the wildest of rides,
But you can take your time, 'cause time is on your side.

I believe that happiness comes and goes away.
If you try real hard you can find it every day.
You've got to learn to live before you can live to learn.
If you got time to talk it over, I've got one more to burn.

And you turn around and turn around, while life just passes by.
And you turn around and turn around, still reaching for the sky.
And you turn around and turn around, you got to get ahead.
Mama said, "There's a gold mine up on the mountainside,
But you never gonna get it if you never gonna try."
I know the time will come when I'll be here no more.
Don't forget me when I head out the door.
'Cause I'll be back to claim my share of gold.
And I'll have one new body for my same old soul.

First Played: June 30, 1993 Chelsies - Columbus, OH

Last Played: March 3, 2023 King’s Rook Club - Erie, PA

# Times Played: 545

% Played: 20.82 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 2618

Shows Since Last Played: 17

1st set: 235

2nd set: 282

3nd set: 6

Encore: 22

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