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Birds (8 Different Ones)

Lyricist: Cliff Starbuck
Vocalist: Cliff Starbuck
Hey the whipporwill, hey Jack the Ripper 
You whip or you will, what did you kill? 

Hey the robin, who are you robbin'? 
You stole from the owl, the cat's on the prowl 

I never would build my nest on the ground 
I'd be high in the pines where I'd never be found 

Oh the raven, a-shorn and a-shaven 
You rap on the door nonetheless nevermore 

One bird in the hand and two in the sky 
You're too high to land but you're drunk to fly 

Oh the sparrow, the bow and the arrow 
You bow and you bend, you turn to the end 

What will become of my soul when I die 
On the wings of a sparrow to the next life I'll fly 

Hey the bluejay, sing in the new day 
bring us a new way to ring out the blues.													

First Played: July 27, 2007 Nelson Ledges - Garrettsville, OH

Last Played: May 28, 2010 Legend Valley Music Center - Thornville, OH

# Times Played: 32

% Played: 4.03 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 795

Shows Since Last Played: 603

1st set: 28

2nd set: 3

3nd set: 0

Encore: 0

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