Schwa Lyrics


Lyricist: Dave Katz
Vocalist: Dave Katz
I love the river's sound, easy as it goes
Barefoot on the ground, grass between my toes
A sense of freedom, fills the morning air
A lonely mushroom grows, beneath the wooden stair

I love a stormy night, the rumble and the roar
At first sign of light, the eagles up and soar
The sun will shine, each and every day
Even through cloudy skies, I can feel the warming rays

Long nights of cold can fast grow old
Then spring breaks through and life renews
I feel...

Green, fill me up with joy
Green, all that I enjoy
Green, turn my head around, wrap me up in sound, rise up from the ground

I watch the treetops blow, swaying in the breeze
I watch the garden grow, once I plant my seed
I hear the songbird sing, a song for all to hear
Coyote howls at night, up to the sky so clear

As days grow long the sun shines strong
The south wind blows and nature knows
It's time for...

I look up to the sky, and let my mind run free
A single butterfly, dances with a bee
I dream of times to come, memories to be made
I think of days gone by, times I'd never trade													

First Played: May 25, 2007 Legend Valley Music Center - Thornville, OH

Last Played: December 9, 2023 Dillingers - Bucyrus, OH

# Times Played: 132

% Played: 16.04 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 823

Shows Since Last Played: 9

1st set: 89

2nd set: 41

3nd set: 1

Encore: 0

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