Schwa Lyrics


Lyricist: Michael Hurley
Vocalist: Cliff Starbuck
I had a glass of Knockando 
Ah yes I really did 
the flames that lived, they were blue 
as they recalled the red 

Had a glass of Knockando 
This is what I said 
can you hear the cracklin' heart 
of the old pine wood 

Now everywhere that I may roam 
I'm greiving all the while 
from the valley where I long to be 
I wander in exile 

Go ye to the little black hill 
go again you will 
enough for me, enough for you 
in a glass of knockando 

No can do what I dream of 
in the dark and bloody ground 
No can do good for you 
I'll see you all around 													

First Played: April 24, 2002 Ludlows - Columbus, OH

Last Played: July 5, 2003 Freedom Festival - Acme, PA

# Times Played: 2

% Played: 0.17 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1194

Shows Since Last Played: 1059

1st set: 0

2nd set: 2

3nd set: 0

Encore: 0

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