Schwa Lyrics

My Old Friend

Lyricist: John Mullins
Vocalist: John Mullins
Time is growing shorter / Passing faster each and every day
I am growing older / Quite mindful of the price that we have paid
Soul goes out to master / Catching dreams and scenes along the way
The way to find the answer / Is knowledge lurking somewhere past the pain

My Old Friend? here he comes again

Rhyme goes out to reason / Oceans full with words enough to play
Setting sail across the seasons / Bringing home the riches of the trade
Across the sea the wind is freezing / Chills the soul when you know the 
truth's been said
Coming home so very pleasing / My old companion in my heart again

My Old Friend? here he comes again

The fire has gone out, the moon has gone away
The sun has gone off somewhere to sleep the night away
The Viper's come and gone just a true Mez always will
He finds you when you're hungry and he feeds you till you're full
Dumbfounded sit there staring at the price that you have paid
You wonder how it possibly could have ended up this way
You think about the next day is it yes or is it no
You'll leave a big old fat tip and you'll be back tomorrow

The fire burned down to ashes / casting the expression of a face
A smile grows then slowly passes / Leaves a shred of hope there in it's place
Upon the dawn the Moon king crashes / all is calm in the quiet life of space
Still the pain of wounds past slashes / but wounds will heal and pain it goes 

My Old Friend? Here he comes again													

First Played: September 6, 1995 Dugout - Athens, OH

Last Played: September 6, 2009 Frontier Ranch - Kirkersville, OH

# Times Played: 14

% Played: 0.63 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 2218

Shows Since Last Played: 647

1st set: 1

2nd set: 13

3nd set: 0

Encore: 0

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