Schwa Lyrics

Mountain Home

Lyricist: Dave Katz
Vocalist: Dave Katz
Set out to the west
Just me and my best friend from my home town
500 miles down, the road we had to stop and rest

To the mountains we would go 
Never really knowing why we left there
The people that we held dear, to our hearts and to our souls

We all need a space where we're free to roam
We all need a place to call our own
Mountain home

My friend went home again
Wasn't long before  he penned me a letter
Said he had it better
I haven't seen my friend since then

Thought I'd die alone
Till I met a girl with a ponytail hairdo
Fresh like the morning dew
I knew my winds of change had blown

We all need a place where we're free to roam
We all need a space to call our own
Mountain Home

Spirits have been set free
Rollin' in the happiness we discovered
The beauty we uncovered
Livin' in our mountain home
Mountain home
Mountain home

First Played: February 13, 1993 Peabody's Cafe - Cleveland, OH

Last Played: March 25, 2023 Dillingers - Bucyrus, OH

# Times Played: 145

% Played: 5.34 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 2714

Shows Since Last Played: 48

1st set: 104

2nd set: 41

3nd set: 0

Encore: 0

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