Schwa Lyrics


Lyricist: Garcia/Hunter
I had a hard run
Running from your window
I was all night running, running
Lord, I wonder if you care
I had a run in
Run around and a run down
Run around the corner, corner
Lord ran smack into a tree

I had to move
Really had to move
That's why if you please
I am on my bended knees
Bertha don't you come around here any more

Dressed myself in green
Lord I went down unto the sea
Try to see what's going down
Try to read between the lines
I had a feeling I was falling, falling, falling
I turned round to see
Heard a voice a-calling
Lord you was coming after me


Ran into a rain-storm
Ducked into a bar door
It's all night pouring, pouring rain
Lord but not a drop on me
Test me, test me, test me, test me
Why don't you arrest me
Throw me in the jail house
Lord, until the sun go down


First Played: April 6, 2002 Michigan Theater - Ann Arbor, MI

Last Played: April 6, 2002 Michigan Theater - Ann Arbor, MI

# Times Played: 1

% Played: 0.08 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1199

Shows Since Last Played: 1198

1st set: 0

2nd set: 1

3nd set: 0

Encore: 0

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