Schwa Lyrics

Heart's Lair

Lyricist: John Mullins
Vocalist: John Mullins
o breath again 
To see again
Night it falls
Through these sacred halls
Once again
The stage light finds
My only friend 

Heart it pours out like wine
So come on up and see me sometime
Tears they drop and they pop like balloons
Hear them bursting for you
A symbol from a dream 
That could not be explained
Raise a voice on high
And exclaim

That I'm free again
And I'm me again
On a coaster ride hanging over the hill
On a giant slide getting set for the spill
I've been down roads
And I've just been down
Roads paved in gold
And still been down

The deal it has fallen through
There was nothing left for me to do
Time it is on our side
Your head in the sand 
Ain't no safe place to hide

Gently speak 
From your hearts lair
Find the truth 
Hidden there													

First Played: July 21, 2006 Southgate House - Newport, KY

Last Played: December 12, 2009 Martyr's - Chicago, IL

# Times Played: 26

% Played: 2.94 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 885

Shows Since Last Played: 662

1st set: 23

2nd set: 3

3nd set: 0

Encore: 0

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