Schwa Lyrics

Two Sometimes

Lyricist: Ed McGee
Vocalist: Ed McGee
One may tip the balance,
one may run astray
and drip one drop of poison
in the water source today,
but two must leave the well
to dry and never be refilled.
Two must leave a thing to die
that hasn't yet been killed.

One, by fault, a stone dislodge,
one stone that holds the rest,
and spin within the avalanche,
the bitter selfish test,
but two to fail together,
to throw their hands up in the air,
two to presuppose
that this is way too much to bear.

Oneís unfair,
one comes up for air
and canít find the other anywhere,
but two sometimes must share the price 
that one invites and pay
or leave someplace and shut the door
with nothing left to say.

	And who am I to say this?
	What right do I have to cry?
	Why pity me in my darkness?
	I ripped the sun from the sky.
	But I believe loveís never wasted
	and I would wager my dark soul itís true.
	Just reach one hand from your side of the canyon
	and Iíll build a bridge back to you.

One may resurrect some hope,
one may reconcile,
and look back through the smoke
and still find embers in the pile,
but two rebuild a bridge
or two can leave it there that way.
One two to once again embrace,
two ones to walk away.

First Played: December 20, 2003 The Magic Bag - Ferndale, MI

Last Played: September 1, 2018 Zane Shawnee Caverns - Bellfontaine, OH

# Times Played: 50

% Played: 4.97 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1007

Shows Since Last Played: 139

1st set: 41

2nd set: 8

3nd set: 1

Encore: 0

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