Schwa Lyrics


Lyricist: Ed McGee
Vocalist: Ed McGee
slither and slide 
no access denied 
no silk, but the shine 
and the tang of wine 
a howl and a moan 
trembling bones 
I might tell you 
what I felt in the end, 
I might, but I lack 
accurate words to lend. 
Suffice it to say 
I was lost in a sea 
and if I said 'fantastic,' I'd mean 
none of this seems real to me. 
a mischievous grin 
prickly skin 
a shiver, a pulse 
arch and convulse 
a howl and a moan 
trembling bones 													

First Played: August 30, 2002 Frontier Ranch - Kirkersville, OH

Last Played: December 31, 2005 PromoWest Pavilion - Columbus, OH

# Times Played: 64

% Played: 5.49 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1165

Shows Since Last Played: 860

1st set: 48

2nd set: 16

3nd set: 0

Encore: 0

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