Schwa Lyrics

Only Falling

Lyricist: Ed McGee
Vocalist: Ed McGee
I used to be such a nice guy,
I'm not so nice anymore.
I might've shown you my house, buddy,
now let me show you the door.
You think you know all about me,
but we've never even met,
and all those things that you say I did --
I haven't done them yet.

I fancy myself a mirror,
what you get from me is you.
So you might see the eyes of a friend
or you might see right through.
You could call that a favor
or you could call it a curse,
but whichever name you hang on me,
you hang on yourself first.

In the absence of a listener
a child learns to sing.
Lacking life experience,
a sweet song's what he brings.
Then barring any miracles,
he learns of darker things.
He falls and, only falling,
learns to spread his wings.

My beak is open whatever She brings,
I sing along with whatever She sings,
one day She gathers us safe to Her breast,
one day She pushes us out of the nest.
	This is the blood of the sacrifice,
	and such is the compromise:
	you fall, you rise, you fall...

Consider me an exhibition,
my life is written on my face.
Come watch me jump for joy,
come watch me fall from grace.
Come watch me dance with my demons,
come watch my angels burn.
Come watch me kneel in the flames, screaming "mercy"--
another lesson learned.


First Played: November 24, 2001 The Agora Theater - Cleveland, OH

Last Played: August 31, 2019 Clearfork Adventure Resort - Butler, OH

# Times Played: 99

% Played: 7.91 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1251

Shows Since Last Played: 99

1st set: 52

2nd set: 44

3nd set: 2

Encore: 1

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