Schwa Lyrics

Another You

Lyricist: Ed McGee
Vocalist: Ed McGee
I said "I don't deserve your anger,"
she said I don't deserve her love,
I said "I'll give you everything,"
she said that wouldn't be enough.

And so I got down on my knees,
said "did it ever mean a thing?"
and then I begged for one more chance,
I even offered her a ring.

I said "can't you see this working out?
Can't you see us pulling through?"
	She threw the ring away,
	said "yes, I see a way - 
in another time, in another place,
with another you."

So I took the back way home
by the south-side alleyways.
You know, the city seemed so comatose,
just buried in the haze.

And then I wrote one last request,
"Throw a drowning man a rope,
or maybe just enough to hang myself,
it won't come to that, I hope.

Because I know that I can change
and be the man I need to be.
	This letter's done, I guess,
	here's my return address:
another time, another place,
another me."

It's been six years since I've seen her,
at least a thousand miles between,
and my new lady's just as kind to me
as the old one was ever mean.

And I don't care that she's gone
and if I ever see her face,
I'll say "I can't believe I begged for you,
you know it seems like such a waste."

But then she did get one thing right,
there was only one thing left to do.
	So now here I am,
	a different man,
in another time, another place,
with another you.


First Played: November 16, 2001 Berbatis Pan - Portland, OR

Last Played: August 31, 2019 Clearfork Adventure Resort - Butler, OH

# Times Played: 111

% Played: 8.60 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1290

Shows Since Last Played: 134

1st set: 78

2nd set: 29

3nd set: 4

Encore: 0

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