Schwa Lyrics

Here Today

Lyricist: Dave Katz
Vocalist: Dave Katz
The birds in the trees are singing a tune
A farmer is whistling, he's singing a tune
The old widow lady is singing a tune
But the radio's playing a message of doom

Growing suspense, it's happened before
Meetings of Big Whigs, it's happened before
A dream of a new world, it's happened before
The newspaper's showing signs of pre-war

Soon we won't be where we are today
The breath of life is the price we'll pay
We will suffer the penalty
Well, it's bombs away, and it's over, and over, and over													

First Played: January 4, 1992 Dugout - Athens, OH

Last Played: March 29, 2024 Putnam Place - Saratoga Springs, NY

# Times Played: 134

% Played: 4.67 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 2867

Shows Since Last Played: 20

1st set: 53

2nd set: 78

3nd set: 0

Encore: 3

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