Schwa Lyrics


Lyricist: Jimi Hendrix
Vocalist: Ed McGee
You got my pride 
hanging out of my bed 
You're messin' around with my life 
So I bought my ... 
You even mess with my children 
And you're screamin' at my wife, baby 
Get off my back, 
if you wanna get outta here alive 

Freedom, give it to me 
That's what I want now 
Freedom, that's what I need now 
Freedom to live 
Freedom, so I can give 

You got my heart 
speak electric water 
You got my soul 
screamin' and howlin' 
You know you hook my girlfriend 
You know the drugstore man 
But I don't need it now 													

First Played: May 26, 2001 Frontier Ranch - Kirkersville, OH

Last Played: March 29, 2002 Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH

# Times Played: 13

% Played: 1.08 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1205

Shows Since Last Played: 1088

1st set: 5

2nd set: 6

3nd set: 0

Encore: 2

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