Schwa Lyrics

Harmonic Convergence

Lyricist: John Mullins
Vocalist: John Mullins
Four A.M., come to the path,
A doorway to the serpent,
Gonna stretch right out on his back,
And fly into the dawn.
And all through the night
we play guitars by firelight,
And we sang till the time came to go.

A distant ring of clouds formed through the sky,
Surrounds on all horizons.
Stars are bright and clear before my eyes,
Millions of light years away.
As drummers softly played,
Their sounds drifting through the air,
Harmonic Concervence had begun.

A brilliant trail, exploding silver and blue,
Makes no sound on it's journey.
Like a train in the night will sooth,
It takes my mind to where it goes.
And all the poeple there,
They could feel it in the air.
Expectations of a new day and age.													

First Played: November 30, 1991 Hoster Brewing Company - Columbus, OH

Last Played: December 31, 2018 Thirty One West - Newark, OH

# Times Played: 329

% Played: 11.51 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 2858

Shows Since Last Played: 147

1st set: 316

2nd set: 12

3nd set: 0

Encore: 1

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