Schwa Lyrics

Broken Arrow

Lyricist: Robbie Robertson
Vocalist: Ed McGee
Who else is gonna bring you a broken arrow
Who else is gonna bring you a bottle of rain
There he goes, moving across the water
There he goes, turning my whole world around.

Do you feel what I feel
Can we make that so it's part of the deal
I gotta hold you in these arms of steel
Lay your heart on the line ... this time.

I wanna breathe when you breathe
When you whisper like that hot summer breeze
Count the beads of sweat that cover me
Didn't you show me a sign, this time.


Can you see what I see
Can you cut behind the mystery
I will meet you by the witness tree
Leave the whole world behind.

I want to come when you call
I'll get to you if I have to crawl
They can't hold me with these iron walls
We've got mountains to climb.



First Played: July 5, 2003 Freedom Festival - Acme, PA

Last Played: July 16, 2005 Frontier Ranch - Kirkersville, OH

# Times Played: 2

% Played: 0.19 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1060

Shows Since Last Played: 885

1st set: 1

2nd set: 1

3nd set: 0

Encore: 0

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