Schwa Lyrics

Raging River

Lyricist: Dave Katz
Vocalist: Dave Katz
Heading down a mountainside
On a day so clear
Goin’ on a river ride
Sounds of nature fill the air

Johnny doesn’t want to go
He’s never been before
Fearing what he doesn’t know
Says he’d rather stay on shore

Nothing but a rubber boat
Nine man power strong
Will it keep us all afloat?
Will we travel fast and strong?
Moving right along

On a raging river
Where white water rolls
Careful as you go
On a raging river
Be one with the flow
Invigorate your soul.

Johnny’s in the back seat
And we’re all aboard
Baking in the morning heat
High above the eagles soar.

Rapids rising paddles picking up the pace
First ride of the day
Blinding water splashing up into his face
Through the rocks we’ll make our way
This is how we play


Running on adrenaline
We can’t fight her will
You know the raging river always wins
Yet we try to tame her still

Heading up a mountainside
Near the end of day
Johnny had a river ride
Seems he made it through okay
Smiling all the way


First Played: December 30, 2000 Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH

Last Played: October 12, 2023 Riverfront Live - Cincinnati, OH

# Times Played: 276

% Played: 19.66 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1404

Shows Since Last Played: 22

1st set: 151

2nd set: 117

3nd set: 2

Encore: 6

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