Schwa Lyrics

Farewell From Future's Past

Lyricist: John Mullins
Vocalist: John Mullins
When I look out the window I can see the snow fall,
Building up inches out on the walk.
But here in the dim light of vanilla candle flame,
It's hard to forget the world's crying in pain.
The times they fly by now, things changing so fast.
Seeming familiar future's past.

So sit back my darling, I'll pour you some wine,
And we'll help each other through the night.
Tonight I will hold you till sleep finds us gone,
To some other dream world, while this one marches on.

Cold ivory's burning, no keys have been spared.
Still fascination is drawing me there.
"The piano's on fire!" said the court to the king.
The king he just laughed and said, "Then sing!"
As I took my leave, the court cried out in song.
"A farewell from future's past!" said the king from his throne.

Surreal sensations crawl straight up my spine.
Can't see through the darkness, but I will in time.
The boy that I once was, he walks with a man.
The ghost of my father holding his hand.
"Come in Charlie Whiskey" said the voice from control,
"You've got to go on the air now, there's news to be told."													

First Played: January 4, 1992 Dugout - Athens, OH

Last Played: June 13, 2019 Watefront on Buckeye Lake - Thornville, OH

# Times Played: 53

% Played: 1.87 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 2832

Shows Since Last Played: 110

1st set: 51

2nd set: 2

3nd set: 0

Encore: 0

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