Schwa Lyrics


Lyricist: Ed McGee
Vocalist: Ed McGee
Untimely wind
and the whip-crack snap 
of a dead branch
sent the centaur running,
and left me alone again gazing
into the briefest of meadows,
surely chosen 
for the rare sunlight it offered.

The steam of the beast-
in an instant thinned by wind
and whisked into the thicket,
but I can see moss
still slowly recovering its space
in the holes the hooves left.

Alone again gazing,
and I am just as much that centaur, 
alone again running,
not stopping to shed
for the meadow,
for the sad distance between,
swiftly thieved from the lash
by the wind of such sprinting.

Deep in the green shadows,
in the crisp magic of autumn,
I am the centaur I saw.
I remember my face 
and though my dark flank's cooled,
I remember the warmth of the sun.
And make no mistake,
though no tear stained my face,
I remember the meadow.

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