Schwa Lyrics

Mystic Birth

Lyricist: Ed McGee
Vocalist: Ed McGee
How could I have know
what Monroe, Utah held for me?
I actually laughed out loud
there naked in the hot springs
with no company
save a million stars.

I became more relaxed
than I'd have thought possible,
slipping my head back
until only my breathing apparatus
breached the surface.
Though Monroe was already
calmingly quiet at 4 or 5 am,
I was surprised by the
true peace under water.

With the rocks framing the stars
in a large oval above me,
I floated perfectly,
hearing only two things:
my heart's content rhythy
and the distant slur
of hot water splashing into the pool.
It was a womb.

Even Orion,
clustered just below the center of the oval,
seemed to suggest the navel
or the belly that held me.

My breathing bobbed me a bit,
but for a half an hour,
I lay safely inert in my world-womb,
gazing at its limits,
imagining the smooth skin
on the other side of those stars,
wondering of the world
into which I'd be delivered,
and of the form I'd take once born.

On finding me there,
you'd have seen a naked man smiling at the sky,
but I was alone with my heartbeat
in mother earth,
soon to rise dripping,
my spirit laughing
at the crisp slap of November air.

First Played: November 19, 1999 Canal Street Tavern - Dayton, OH

Last Played: April 13, 2001 Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH

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% Played: 0.20 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1522

Shows Since Last Played: 1334

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