Schwa Lyrics


Lyricist: Ed McGee
Vocalist: Ed McGee
Beneath the waves,
inside the sea,
the rhythm's always calling me.
I tumble through
the green debris,
within the drifting sand I see --


If you could swim
here next to me
in all your fragile majesty,
I promise you,
and pleadingly,
things you've never seen you'll see --


It never rains,
would you believe,
but never will the rain you grieve.
Hold the reins,
the leather weave,
and gallop through the deeper sea --


The sailor's gaze,
up to the sky -
the stars will guide him by and by.
Beneath, I know
he envies me - 
where I drift is where I'll be --



First Played: September 16, 1999 Buskirk Chumley Theater - Bloomington, IN

Last Played: September 2, 2022 J&M Ranch - Ansonia, OH

# Times Played: 46

% Played: 2.96 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1553

Shows Since Last Played: 30

1st set: 25

2nd set: 19

3nd set: 0

Encore: 2

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