Schwa Lyrics

I Been Down That Road

Lyricist: Dave Katz
Vocalist: Dave Katz
There are many paths to take, directions you may switch
‘til the right one is found.
When you're upside down you don't know which way is which,
but when you're spinning around
just follow that sound.

Sometimes it feels like you're a solitary voice
in a chorus of fools.
Life ain't always fair when you have to make a choice,
and there aren't any rules
to help you through.

Even though that yellow sign says slippery when wet,
some times you gotta take a chance just to see what you get.
I been down that road.

You might do the right thing and then you might be wrong,
but at least you can try
Sometimes a simple shortcut can make it twice as long.
You know it isn't a crime
to take your time.

Even though that caution sign keeps flashing in you mind,
sometime you gotta take a chance just to see what you find.
I been down that road.

Even though that dead end sign keeps going on inside,
sometimes you gotta take a chance for the thrill of the ride.
I been down that road.

It might take a while to find what's right for you.
You gotta let yourself grow.
You might want someone else to tell you what to do,
but nobody else knows
what makes you go.

Even though you see your destination straight ahead,
It don't matter if you want to go another way instead.
I been down that road.

First Played: September 4, 1999 Frontier Ranch - Kirkersville, OH

Last Played: October 19, 2019 Dillingers - Bucyrus, OH

# Times Played: 108

% Played: 6.94 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1557

Shows Since Last Played: 92

1st set: 90

2nd set: 18

3nd set: 0

Encore: 0

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