Schwa Lyrics

Alexander II

Lyricist: Ed McGee
Vocalist: Ed McGee
Mehgan dares to peek from the covers,
the ghost was in her room again.
She squints in the dark, says, "who are you?"
He says, "I'm Alexander, I'm a friend."
She shakes her head, "why me? why now?
I'm scared and I don't understand."
The ghost says, "listen closely dear
and I'll tell you how it all began."

	(Alexander!)  I'm the spirit you sense in the room.
	(Alexander!)  I'm the glimpse you catch in the gloom.
	(Alexander!)  I'm the whisper that slips through the crack.
	(Alexander!)  I'm the flickering light in the black.

St. Christopher's Boarding School, the old western wing,
9 am lessons, 1915:
Headmaster Boardman shouts at his class,
"all you children are dolts and none shall pass!
Now get to your books, I've a matter to mind,
and I'm locking you in to keep you in line."

He heads down the cellar where he's hidden some gin,
and soon he's well in his cups and the trouble begins.
He staggers and falls on the boiler controls,
sealing the fate of the innocent souls.
With the old man out cold, the old thing gets hot,
exploding in flames and the children are caught.

In the papers, the old, sooty boiler is blamed,
they call Boardman a hero, and the school is renamed.
The tragedy fades as 80 years pass,
till the west wing's rebuilt and reopened at last.
I was there when the souls came back,
but no one believed me until I was attacked.
Now I've been elected by a classful of ghosts
to see justice is served on the name the school boasts:

Mehgan's eyes are wide as moons,
"I can't believe all the stories are true!"
The ghost says, "now, there's one more thing
before it's light that you must do..."

	(Alexander!)  I'm the spirit you sense in the room.
	(Alexander!)  I'm the glimpse you catch in the gloom.
	(Alexander!)  I'm the shiver that slips down your back.
	(Alexander!)  I'm the flickering light in the black.

It must've been a dream, she thinks,
stretching, rising from her bed.
Until she sees the Os and Rs that she stole,
now every Boardman sign says "B a dman" instead.
And it seems that Alexander
got around to lots of other kids
because there's fliers hanging everywhere
that say "Boardman, we know what you did!"
And someone found some court report dirt
in a stack of old microfiche.
And the kids all signed petitions saying
"We want buried files rereleased."

In days, the truth is throbbing
like an angry, open sore.
Boardman's name's defiled,
St. Christopher's restored.
In town, the people speculate:
which good soul led the fight?
And in the playgrounds, children's voices
sing a name into the night:

"Alexander!  Alexander!  Alexander!"

First Played: July 23, 1999 Aggie Theater - Fort Collins, CO

Last Played: August 31, 2019 Clearfork Adventure Resort - Butler, OH

# Times Played: 138

% Played: 8.77 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1573

Shows Since Last Played: 99

1st set: 49

2nd set: 74

3nd set: 2

Encore: 13

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