Schwa Lyrics


Lyricist: Ed McGee
Vocalist: Ed McGee
I'd go ride
where the river runs
alongside the railroad tracks
digging chicory
and burdock root,
and I find my way back.

On the bridge
across the big Scioto,
I see the campfires amber glow.
I'd like to dive down
through the treetops
where the lonesome hobos go.

Watch the sky,
keep time by the sun,
in the river, swim,
and down the mountains, run.
Live out in the sun.

I'd do down
to Boxcar Rosie's
and see who's up on the stage.
Someone says,
"seen this band?
you know they're all the rage."

Well, I just smile
like I understand,
but the only time I feel peace
is with my fingers
on the strings,
with my soul released.

In every twenty-four,
I get to play for three,
you say the river's high,  
it ain't high enough for me.  

I'd go deep
in the hills
to an old familiar haunt.
And visualize
my cabin there
high on a mountain in Vermont.

And I see
a celebration,
I see laughter and song.
And I see
the sun coming up over the river,
but the party's still strong.

Yes, I see the future,
but that's another day.
I don't need directions,
music knows the way.

I'd go out
in my woods,
watch the dogs tree a squirrel,
and breathe deep
as the clouds
that flag the moon unfurl.

Tuesday comes,				
a lazy river,  					
I wash the cities from my hair.		
I can't say				
I really miss 'em,				
but it's fun when I'm there.

I always break even,
rest easy my friend.
A hand comes your way
for every hand you lend.

I'd go back
to my hometown,
I'd hear an old song on the juke.
So much change,
but I feel the same,
just like I told my friend Luke:

"Still flash my lights
at stop signs at night,
still play pool down at the bar,
but no more nights with 
the sweet farmer's daughter
out in my daddy's car."

Memories drift
in a river of years.  
In the face of a new friend,
an old friend's face appears.

	I am the water, I rise from the earth - 		my birth.
	Down the mountainside I rush and flow,		and I grow.
	At the valley below, I'm delivered 		to the river
	And with the others who joined before me, 	we run to the sea.

First Played: October 8, 1998 Milestones - Rochester, NY

Last Played: September 2, 2022 J&M Ranch - Ansonia, OH

# Times Played: 102

% Played: 6.01 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1696

Shows Since Last Played: 30

1st set: 72

2nd set: 27

3nd set: 2

Encore: 1

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