Schwa Lyrics

Same Old Man

Lyricist: Clarence Ashley
Vocalist: Cliff Starbuck
Same old man livin' at the mill 
Mill turns around of it's own free will 
one hand in the hopper and the other in the sack 
gents come forward and the ladies fall back 

Down sat an owl with his head all white 
a lonesome day and a lonesome night 
Thought I heard some pretty girl say 
Court all night and sleep next day 

Then said a raven as she flew 
If I was a young man I'd have two 
One for the meat and one for the soul 
And I'd add another string to my bow bow bow 

My old man's from Kalamazoo 
He don't wear no, yes I do 
First to the left and then to the right 
this old mill runs day and night 

And from the Rounders version: (Steve Weber) 

Hey little leaf, lyin' on the ground 
now you're turning slightly brown 
Why don't you hop back up on the tree 
turn the color green the way you ought to be 

Same old lady hangin' out her wash 
now she's wearing a mackintosh 
she was hangin' out her wash in the pouring rain 
thought New York was going insane 

My mind is reeling and my body grows weak 
my lips don't form the words as I speak 
I'm floating away on a boat full of pain 
You may hear my sad song and never see me again 													

First Played: July 28, 1998 Ripleys - Cincinnati, OH

Last Played: November 19, 1999 Canal Street Tavern - Dayton, OH

# Times Played: 3

% Played: 0.17 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1722

Shows Since Last Played: 1521

1st set: 0

2nd set: 3

3nd set: 0

Encore: 0

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