Schwa Lyrics

Through Hiker

Lyricist: Ed McGee
Vocalist: Ed McGee
I can't stop here
in this town
cuz I'm a through hiker, babe,
and I can't stick around.
And I'm not stopping
in this life,
there's plenty of worlds to see, 
but I'll stay the night
	Do you have a bed for me?
	A couch to lay upon?
	I want be no trouble mama,
	and I will leave by dawn.
	I'm not weary
	from the miles and miles behind
	and I don't wanna be alone tonight, girl,
	do you catch my mind?

Well, sometimes I'm by myself
once I had a hound,
be he ran off with another hiker
in a Green Mountain town.
I seen the Rocky Mountains,
I been the Appalachain way,
and I don't mind tomorrows
if I don't mind todays.
	And I don't mind traveling around
	with my belongings on my back.
	And when I think I know where I'm at,
	you know I'm way off track.

I got no destination,
the people, they accuse.
Thery think that i am aimless
and they think I got the blues.
And I try to tell them, Lord,
I try to explain.

Sometimes they listen,
but you know they just mostly walk away.
	Life is a journey,
	that's the head on the nail
	The path you're on, that's the key,
	and not the end of the trail.
	Slow down like me now, mama,
	you might have a ball.
	You wouldn't want to die to find out
	you hadn't lived at all.

I'm a through hiker, babe,
so now you know.
Would you like to come along with me,
cuz it's time to go.
Down the road's a mountain,
the other side of the stream.
I say we make some tracks now
and follow our dream.													

First Played: September 25, 1996 Sycamore Gardens - Cincinnati, OH

Last Played: August 25, 2023 Legend Valley Music Center - Thornville, OH

# Times Played: 372

% Played: 18.03 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 2063

Shows Since Last Played: 35

1st set: 202

2nd set: 156

3nd set: 3

Encore: 12

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