Schwa Lyrics

Day By Day

Lyricist: Dave Katz
Vocalist: Dave Katz
Time has come, I'm on my way.
And I can't wait another day.
Even though the sun is shining,
I feel grey
But I shoulda been gone long ago.
But how's a mountain boy to know?
There's more to life than I was ever told.

So now I'm going to where the cold wind blows
And I'm heading out of Caroline, 
don't know where I'll land.
Been working hard all my life,
you can see it in my hands.
I'll miss the Blue Ridge mountainside,
but the mystery is gone.
She's taken all I have to give,
now I must be movin' on.

I don't need constant company,
but lonely ain't no way to be.
Everyone I know is gone now, 
It's only me.
But no one can say I never tried.
And I ain't lookin for no free ride.
All I know is time is on my side.
I'll keep going til I hit my stride.

I'm headed away from Caroline.
I don't know where I'll land.
Standing in the railway station, 
suitcase in my hand.
I spent too many nights now,
just makin' love to booze.
She's taking all I have to give,
I've got nothing left lose.

Can't you hear it comin' now,
rollin' down the track?
I hopped the train to far away 
I ain't never comin' back.
Got a one way ticket northbound,
ain't nothing in my way.
I'll take my chances somewhere else,
gonna take it day by day.

The Northern Lights are callin' me.
I can't deny my destiny.
I never thought that I would ever leave,
but there's so much more for me to see.


First Played: March 18, 1998 Canal Street Tavern - Dayton, OH

Last Played: December 17, 2022 Festivus at Chester Farms - South Vienna, OH

# Times Played: 145

% Played: 8.17 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1775

Shows Since Last Played: 22

1st set: 135

2nd set: 8

3nd set: 1

Encore: 1

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