Schwa Lyrics

Steeped in Tears

Lyricist: John Mullins
Vocalist: John Mullins
Just hold on till tomorrow.
We can make it one more day
Everything that you borrow
There comes a time to pay

When dawn awoke this morning
Shining rays upon the porch
Birds sing in rhythm yawning
Like an old time bugle corp

Roosterís laughing from his fencepost
Fog is burning off the hill
Another day in heaven another day in hell
Weakened flesh to steal minds will

Night turns cold and this old joke is getting old
We all keep running around this old calliope
No amount of gold could satisfy the soul
Boy ain't we just some sight to see
Yes indeed

I can't live here anymore
Perhaps I'm just too blind to see
The forest for the trees, a song for the melody
And all the spaces in between

Time's wheel will turn the season
I pray that someone understands
I am no traitor bent on treason
Iím just a pilgrim in this land

Scraping moonbeams off the ceiling
Life's an orchid steeped in tears
A bittersweet display, a toast to yesterday
Let's raise a glass to yesteryear!!

With an absence of reason, hell it all was just teasing
Party to party connected society
Take your seat by the parlor bar, sip your spirit and 
watch the stars
On these walls around a cartoon indecency
I can't breath													

First Played: April 24, 1996 The Bluebird - Bloomington, IN

Last Played: December 31, 2023 Thirty One West - Newark, OH

# Times Played: 110

% Played: 5.17 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 2128

Shows Since Last Played: 24

1st set: 35

2nd set: 67

3nd set: 1

Encore: 8

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